Summer’s gotta be near

We’re still smarting from that horribly long winter — seven months, by some accounts the longest on record. So, the past few weeks of warm weather have been especially welcome.

 (Darrell Noakes)

Mind you, on each of the three occasions when strong aurora activity was forecast, we had the clouds blow in. Overall, though, it’s not been such a bad spring, at least since the snow finally left in the first week of May.

Saskatoon skyline, stormy summer sunset. This image makes outstanding wall decor as a metal print. (Darrell Noakes/Photograph by Darrell Noakes)

The past few days have been really cool, with potential for rain. It’s actually not that unusual for this time of year, but after that winter, well, it just seems cruel.

I’m kind of hoping for the sort of summer that brings spectacular weather. After all, we do call this place the Land of Living Skies.

Hot air balloon over downtown Saskatoon, summer (Darrell Noakes)

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